pros/consAt the advent of new technology, dating has never been more digitalized. Online dating is the hype, and since it’s easily accessible, almost everyone who has heard of it, has tried it. The popularity of it goes to show that many people that had tried it, had an excellent result.

Let’s have a quick tour on what makes online dating the new hype, and look at its flaws as well.

Pro: Many prospects

With just the click of a button, you can see millions of potential women/men that could ultimately be the right one for you.

Con: It’s costly

Though there are tons of dating websites being offered for free, some are just elaborate scams lured into thinking you got it free. However, most reliable dating sites are charging a membership fee in order to use their service. Since they’re paid, they are also rated higher.

Pro: Works well if you’re shy in real life

Shy people resort to online dating because they cannot fully master the idea of talking to others personally. Through the use of online dating, they can be confident in talking to others. Their shyness will eventually decrease overtime as they get to know their potential date.

Con: Inferior to ‘real dating’

Of course, nothings better than dating personally. Finding someone virtually, or online, is delimiting the potential of a real date. You may just be a victim of a scam, or worse, a prank.

Pro: You’ll know yourself better

There are a lot of compatibility system or algorithm in online dating. They sometimes set you up with questions asking you to describe yourself or input a set of attributes about yourself. At times, through countless search for love, you may discover an invaluable little trait of yours that you didn’t know before.

Con: Fake accounts

There are, if not thousands, millions of fake accounts in online dating websites. They are there to scam, con, or trick people into doing heinous crimes. There are also other fake accounts, such as married people or those setting up dates then not showing up.

Pro: It’s still fun

You could still enjoy the whole dating site even without the intention of having a long term partner in the end. You could still flirt, chat, or even ask anyone to go out with you. The beauty there is there is no constraint that’s holding you from dating.

Pro: It’s never boring

With the millions of prospects in different dating sites, and with a bunch of features to utilize, there’s bound to have hours of fun in there!

Pro: You might end up with the one

Who knows, maybe all that playing around of yours will end up with the right girl eventually, and do your research to find a good dating site, people use review sites, like WOW date, online dating help.